TitanBackup.com is the product of a group of North European based academics, technologists and others who share a common interest, enthusiasm and optimism in the evolving technology of Business Grade Online Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions. TitanBackup.com has been created as a resource for others who want to know more about utilizing this technology as an important resource in the 21st century business world. Our focus is on the achievement of established and future disaster recovery objectives through the innovative use of technology. The site features a Blog that will explore a myriad of subjects within the scope of Technology and will provide readers with a platform for accessing an expanding array of information resources both on and off the Internet.

We believe that technology is the solution As technology rapidly evolves, device and application prices decline, and adoption/utilization rates increase, technology has the potential to play a greater role in the way business operate,

Because both technology and the needs of the Business environment are rapidly changing, it is important to avoid mkaing long-term commitments to any brand or type of technology. Anything but a short term commitment is likely to become a self imposed limiting factor on what might be accomplished in the future.

In this role, as in life, the ability to provide answers is sometimes not as important as the ability to ask the right questions.